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SR22 Insurance in Houston Texas TX

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SR22 Insurance in Houston Texas

License Suspended?

If you've already had your License suspended and an SR22 is required. You will need to file the form with the appropriate fines or fees before your suspension can be lifted.



What is an SR 22 ?



For most, An SR22 filing requirement is due to a traffic infraction. Failure to comply with the requirement usually will result in suspension of driving privileges. DWI's DUI's and Tickets for Driving Without Financial Responsibility or " no Insurance ", occasionally there may be other reasons it is required or otherwise desired. The SR 22 Form requested by a licensing authority can be issued by an Insurer in your state. The insurance coverage represented must meet the minimum limits. In Texas 30/60/25 or 85 total is the minimum required by law. The face of the form indicates verifiable financial responsibility from the Insurer to the state on behalf of the named insured.


Same Day Coverage

We can in most cases have your insurance certificate ready and available as a same day service on request whenever you effect coverage. You have the following options.

 1. Free Electronic service offered by many underwriters.

2. Free SR 22 express file..

3. You can file it yourself at your local DPS office.

4. Occasionally you may wish to have your attorney handle the matter for you, in which case we will provide the SR 22 form to you for your attorney's use.




Houston SR22 filings are provided complimentary when you purchase your coverage online.

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SR22 Insurance in Houston

Filing Term

The customary required term for an sr22 filing in Texas is for 2 to 3 years from the date of order or suspension. During your term, you must maintain your filing in order to keep your license valid and current. If your insurance policy expires, is cancelled or ceases for any reason. The insurer is required by law to notify the ordering State.

Penalty for Failure to Maintain SR22

When notice that your coverage and insurance is no longer valid is received by the State Licensing Authority, and if your filing period requirement has not yet been met, The Drivers License is generally suspended again until such time as a replacement is filed by another Insurer.

It is important during this time that your address information be correct and up to date with your State Licensing Authority. You will usually receive any notice from them regarding the status of your driving privileges at the home address listed.

Many people have found only after months or sometimes years later that they have been driving on a Suspended License. This is usually the result of outdated address information on file with DPS. It is important to keep this information up to date because this is the address at which you will be sent mail, including, Renewals and Notices Of Suspension.

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Never a charge for your SR22 Insurance Filing when you request your Insurance Quotes through this site. Feel free to browse or call us for more information or personal insurance quote assistance.

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I No longer Need an SR22 Endorsement

Your Texas Auto Insurance coverage continues in force unless you request otherwise. If you wish you may request the SR22 Endorsement be removed from your insurance policy when no longer needed. Remember, proof of Financial Responsibility is required for all drivers when on public roads. Our Underwriters usually already know of your driving history change, at the next renewal date your insurance premium rate is adjusted to reflect your most recent driving experience.


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